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Wondershare TunesGo is known as a software that is designed to provide more versatility for handling the contents of the os device and i-tunes archive. Actually, the vendor’s of the software, Wondershare, state that it can do works that i-tunes cannot — including a simple way to duplicate among several iDevices and change imported media data to iOS-optimized styles.Wondershare TunesGo’s Official price is $39.95,However,if you want to buy this software,you can use the coupon codes link I shared below save some money!It is 30% off discount deal,that’s $39.95*0.7=$27.96,and saved you about $12 instant,that’s really not bad.Ok,let’s watch this video of Wondershare TunesGo see how it works!


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It is not to say that Wondershare TunesGo can fully take the place of i-tunes. You will still require to use Apple’s application, however TunesGo is made to provides you with efficiency, along with extra choices not found in i-tunes. Possibly the the easy way consider TunesGo is a go-between application that matches in the middle of the iDevices and apple itunes.

Wondershare TunesGo has the ability to do all the synchronizing jobs i-tunes can whilst offering you full control of the content with your iDevice.

For example, you are got a brand-new pc or would like to move material from your iDevice to several computer systems. What wondershare tunesgo smart exprot to itunesnow ?? Apply TunesGo, obviously! Wondershare Tunes Go doesn’t care what kind of iDevice is linked. It enables anyone to move all of the audio and playlists, filled with scores, play counts, and skips, to the computer very quickly. you can move your whole archives together, or use TunesGo’s “Smart Export” feature.

Assuming you have difficulty with i-tunes, an excellent substitute will be Wondershare TunesGo. It can make this quicker to manage music, images, contacts as well as other components, on i-phones, apple ipads or apple ipods. Furthermore, the application runs quicker also it will not make you stay waiting with any kind of synchronization procedures, every time you just one click on the button.

Wondershare TunesGo is free to use with little limits. It’s designed for Home windows and Macintosh Operating system X systems also it will not take more than a minute to set up it. This software works together with i-phones, apple ipads and iPods which is suitable for iOS 5 and all sorts of later editions, up to iOS 7.

While your software program is working, you will link an iOS equipment to the pc, by direct USB wire, And Wondershare TunesGo can identify it instantly. Furthermore, the application can find various equipment, when you connect them at the same time. Identified devices and their details will be viewed within a tree framework, with the applications interface. You can see a number of standard information about the equipment with a home screen, in which you may also get choices for duplicating the music to i-tunes, local files or an additional linked iOS machine.

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Here is the Pros and Cons of Wondershare TunesGo App,I quoted them belows:


Nice interface: This program offers a sleek and streamlined interface through which you can easily access all app features. Large buttons identify different actions, and clear instructions let you know what to connect and when. There are also status bars that show you how quickly things are loading, and you can preview all of the files loaded from your device before you export them to your chosen location.

Multiple devices: In order to let you effectively manage your media across your Apple devices, this app lets you connect multiple devices at once. That way, you can directly transfer files from one to the other without having to first load it all into your computer. This significantly streamlines the process of data transfer.


Slow loading: It did take quite a long time for this program to load data from the iPhone. The SMS data was especially slow to load, taking perhaps ten minutes to complete the process, but it did eventually work.

Wondershare TunesGo Flexible Back-up Features

When you’d like to back-up or move data from your iOS equipment, TunesGo provides a flexible method of a number of tasks. wondershare tunesgo promo codes for discountFor example, if you need to move music from your iDevice you may choose to copy to: an i-tunes archives; a directory on your pc / exterior hard drive; or another iDevice. We tried these 3 solutions out and successfully copied an array of various media forms such as playlists too. However, if upgrading an i-tunes archives out of your mobile, the Smart Export function is an especially helpful back-up choice to pick which duplicates just the music tracks that are losing. We like the truth that it is possible to aesthetically discover in TunesGo if your data file has already been inside your i-tunes archives.

TunesGo offers a great deal of features with regards to handling the media and data with your Apple equipment. This software helps make jobs for example backing up and importing a breeze. For audio, you will see aesthetically if monitors have been in your own Tunes archives or if they should be replicated around. We discovered the Smart Export function particularly a genuine benefit any time upgrading the i-tunes archives — without worries about i-tunes removing material utilizing intelligent synchronizing! As you may know, by default (automated synchronizing) i-tunes can remove media with your iOS equipment if this is not seen in the i-tunes archives (saved on your pc).

Playlists can be produced and modified too in TunesGo. It’s great in order to create playlists outside i-tunes, however, you cannot generate or modify Smart Playlists. Additionally, there is an ‘add playlist’ solution, but instead of adding pre-existing playlists, this software generates one inch the contents of the file on your pc.

One of the primary stand-out attributes of TunesGo had been capable of straight move data from one iDevice to a different. This feature worked well and it is a real time-saver. We loved how TunesGo enhanced imported material for Mac products gadgets. Non-Apple forms were identified and modified instantly with no bother.

Managing non-media material such as contacts and Text message is another easy applying TunesGo. We liked the built-in connections modifying function to seek for replicates and make modifications. There’s even a great array of forms you can actually import/export for example Vcard, Outlook on life, CSV, and much more.

General, Wondershare TunesGo is a superb application for handling the items in the iOS device and i-tunes archives. However, the price could eventually discourage you (right now $39.95). In spite of this, if you do not get on with i-tunes any time backing up and importing, or desire a go-between application to help you do more, then Wondershare TunesGo may be the perfect solution.

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So,Does Wondershare TunesGo really work?Ok,let’s take a look at what’s people saying about this software.I quoted some of them from its official site here:

Drivers by Chrisanthos Nonis

I would like to see it work with out Apples iTunes. I would like also to see features as wifi connection with my devices, the ability to import pictures to camera roll and secondly not so important but helpful, remote access to my computer , remote mouse support . p.s very good job, I like the new interface
Get Over itunes… by Chester

I have been searching for an alternative to iTunes and i found this… And I\’ve got a pretty amazing experience so for.. Cool features packed into a decent clean UI…

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SMS on iPhone to computer by Sean

My SMS mailbox was full. But I didn’t want to delete them, because these SMS recorded many important things. They meant a lot to me. Finally, I got this. Wow, it’s great! I transferred all my SMS to my computer. Now, I delete SMS on my iPhone to make room for new one.
Lifesaving software by Martin

Fantastic software! My Win pc died and had to rebuild iTunes. This value-for-money AND easy-to-use software helped me get back up and running with no loss of data from any of my iOS devices. Thank you so much! (Their tech support is also awesome!)
Nice Tool. by Vivian

Wondershare MobileGo for iOS is an extremely useful Apple devices manager. It enables you to transfer music, videos, iTunes U to iTunes and computer easily.


Watch another Wondershare TunesGo Video Below:


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